Monday, 19 January 2009

French beret
I started to knit a beret this weekend. I haven't been able to start something (knitting) and finish it in a long while, so I am determined to finish this. My only worry is will it fit on my oh so large head? I must have done about a third of it so I could finish it in a week (hmm - we'll see)


Rebecca said...

Hey Winx, Good luck with the beret. I've been meaning to start a hat for ages, but since I can't even get a scarf finished I really don't think I should distract myself with new projects!

Good to see there's another jack-of-all-trades about, keep up the good work!

Winx said...

Thanks Rebecca, that picture is STILL as much as I have done. I am so, so busy at work my brain is scrambled and I just can't get on and do anything! I'll probably finish it just in time for summer.